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Evolution of Android Malware Offense and Android Ecosystem Defense

Android mobile devices are used more and more in everyday life. They are our cameras, wallets, and keys. Basically, they embed most of our private information in our pocket. The paper captures the journey of android malware from being mere revenue generation incentives for the malware developer to stealing the personal data of people using these devices. It also discusses how the open source nature of Android has led to fragmentation of the core Operating System among various device manufacturer which introduces additional vulnerabilities. The non-availability of official Google Play store in some countries led to the emergence of various third party Application market which are largely unregulated in terms of the application verification. Android Operating system itself has come a long way in terms of the security features and fixed vulnerabilities over the course of a decade. Our evaluation shows that the Android System has become quite robust against malware threats and automatic installation of malware is not possible without user intervention. We explore certain simple settings on android which would protect the user from malware threats on Android device. Keywords - Android System, Malware Analysis, Vulnerabilities, Android Fragmentation.