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Androcliberion: An Android Cloud Based Library Management And Authentication System

ANDROCLIBERION is a project for the interconnection of different public libraries and their automation. This system helps the users to access the details of the public libraries in State of Kerala from website or an android application. They can view the list of available books in different library and can view their transactions. They can also comment and rate the quality of books they have read. It also provides the local librarians with a Java desktop application which helps him/her in the management or automation of their library such as book management and customer management. The librarian provides the customers with a unique QR code for each transaction. This system always update the user about the new arrivals, pre-booking status, return date of the book taken and the fine if the book is not submitted on the due date through notifications send to their smart phones. The central admin controls the functioning of all interconnected libraries through web application and supervising the functioning of the entire system. The central admin creates the different libraries on request, add and distribute books to different libraries.