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An Efficient Approach For Detecting And Avoiding Wormhole Attacks In Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Wormhole attack is considered to be a serious security attack in multi-hop ad hoc networks. In wormhole attack, attacker makes tunnel from one end of the network to the other, nodes stay in different location on two ends of tunnel believe that they are true neighbours and makes conversation through the wormhole link. Unlike many other attacks on ad-hoc routing, a wormhole attack cannot be prevented with cryptographic solutions because intruders neither generate new, nor modify existing, packets, but rather forward existing ones. In this paper a technique to effectively detect wormhole attacks without the need for special hardware and/or strict location or synchronization requirements is proposed. In proposed technique we use of variation in routing information between neighbours to detect wormholes. The base of study is to find alternative path from source to second hop and calculate the number of hops to detect the wormhole. The performance of the proposed technique is studied through a number of simulation tests for different distributions of nodes and wormholes and different connectivity models. Under all the evaluated scenarios, the technique demonstrates excellent detection probabilities with few false alarms that depend on the value of threshold. Keywords: Adhoc network, wormhole, threshold, AODV.