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The UVE and The MMCC in Virtual Environments in Solving Problems in Algorithm Analysis

This paper describes the implementation of virtual tools in teaching-learning through the construction of online courses that support the student in problem solving in the course of algorithm analysis through Gowin's UVE and conceptual maps using cmaptools software, is intended to support the student for the development of skills and skills aimed at reducing the rate of failure in this subject. It is intended to provide elements that help specific problems such as low academic performance and the disapproval of students that in the worst case cause school dropout and school lag. The theoretical framework on which this research is based is the theory of significant learning of Ausubel and Novak, in which metacognitive tools developed by MMCC and the UVE that were implemented in the experimental group. The methodology followed in the investigation began with the construction and selection of measurement tools that helped us to validate the hypothesis. The topic of object-oriented programming (OOP) is very important in the introduction of fundamental concepts of the OO paradigm, being necessary to investigate what students have ideas or prejudices. Keywords- Virtual Platform, Free Software, Virtual Metacognitive Model, Academic Performance, Competency-Based Learning