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Data Sharing For Dynamic Groups In The Cloud

A new CP-ABE method for a data sharing system by exploit the attribute of the system preparation. The proposed method features the following achievements: 1) the key escrow problem could be solve by escrow-free key issuing protocol, which is construct using the secure two-party computation between the key making center and the data-storing center, and 2) fine-grained user revocation per each attribute could be done by proxy encryption which takes advantage of the choosy quality group key sharing on top of the ABE. The presentation and security analyses point to that the proposed scheme is capable to securely manage the data spread in the data allocation system..In this paper, we propose a secure multi owner data sharing scheme, named Mona, for dynamic groups in the cloud. By leveraging group signature and dynamic broadcast encryption techniques, any cloud user can anonymously share data with others. Meanwhile, the storage overhead and encryption totaling cost of our scheme are autonomous with the number of revoked users. In addition, we analyze the safety of our scheme with rigorous proofs, and show the efficiency of our scheme in experiment