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Smart Home Automation Operated by Bluetooth Expertise (Bangladesh Perspective)

This research paper will present low cost smart automated living system which will be operated by smart mobile phone. We will use Bluetooth module, Ultrasonic sensor, Arduino board, Moisture sensor and Smartphone etc. The suggested system will be operated by smartphone. Almost 04 devices will be operated in a room through the mobile apps which will be light, fan, Tv, Ac. This mobile app will be controlled by different sensors using Bluetooth. Our proposed system will be applied for all types of house in a cheap price which will be convenient to all of us especially middle-class family. We will also use an ultrasonic sensor for detection of water level and soil moisture sensor will be used in gardening. Pro mini, Flame sensor, MQ-2 gas sensor and RFID door lock system will be used for home security. The hardware and software architecture of the system will discuss decoratively. Keywords - Home Automation, Smartphone, Arduino, Bluetooth, Home Appliances