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Context-Awareness System for Smart Services based on Semantic Web within Iot

Recently, the number of sensors and actuators embedded in smart objects is increasing rapidly, covering different fields such as smart home, health care, environmental surveillance, etc. Therefore, different devices and protocols are integrated in heterogeneous implementations to provide automatically users by appropriate services, depending on their specific needs or environment ones. The heterogeneity and interoperability problems results by this new generation of platforms encourages researchers to propose new middleware models and solutions to overcome these issues. However, most of these models are not covering most functional requirement and are designed to a specific system layer. In this paper, we have elaborated a state of art of middleware within the Internet of Things to discuss our proposed model based on semantic web and context awareness. In this work, we tried to deal the issues cited below with the end be applied to any application level. Then we conclude with future work following the same research directions. Keywords - Internet of things, Middleware, Semantic Web, Ontology, Context-awareness.