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A Practical Approach To Prioritize The Test Cases Of Regression Testing Using Genetic Algorithm

Regression Testing is the approach to test the modified software’s Validation and Verification with less cost in terms of time. Testing is the procedure of verification and validation of software to make available the excellence and competence and regression testing is the procedure of authenticate the personalized software to notice errors that have been bring in into previously tested code. The prioritization improves the effectiveness of regression testing by re ordering the test cases. The genetic algorithm (GA) has been proposed and implemented for prioritizing the test cases on the basis of fault coverage and execution time. The execution time and faults coverage has been given as input for test case number. The planned algorithm has been programmed and the results have been analyzed. The results signifying the efficiency of algorithm are accessible with the help of Genetic Algorithm. Whole fault treatment by means of in time forced surroundings on dissimilar examples is used for prioritization of examination cases and their predetermined solution is obtained. From beginning to end Genetic Algorithm technique, an approach has been recognized to find an appropriate population, which was additional put together by Genetic Algorithm operations to make it more elastic and well-organized. The elaborations of results are revealed with the help of .Net knowledge. The algorithm has been automated and is analyzed for various examples. Keywords: Genetic Algorithm, Regression Testing, Faults, Test Cases, Execution Time.