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Reducing Packet Loss Using Mdred Technique In Active Queue Management

Mobile Ad hoc network [MANET] is consists of mobile nodes without any fixed infrastructure, communicating through wireless medium. In MANET, Congestion occurs in any intermediary nodes when data packets pass through source to destination and they acquire high packet loss and long delay, which cause the performance degradations of a network. Congestion can be controlled by Active Queue Management [AQM] like Random Early Detection [RED]. Random Early Detection (RED) is a network congestion control algorithm which detects incipient congestion according to current length of average queue. It detects congestion only after a packet has been dropped. In the recent, high speed networks, it is important to have some mechanisms that keep throughput high and average queue sizes low without packet loss and it would be undesirable to have large queue because it would significantly increase the average delay in the network.