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Facial Expression Recognition Techniques: A Survey

Facial expression is a prominent posture beneath the skin of the face. They are ways of communication in humans which convey many things non verbally. During the past years face recognition has received significant attention as one of the most important applications of image understanding and analysis. Many algorithms have been implemented on different static and non static conditions (uncontrolled conditions).Static conditions include static and uniform background, identical poses, similar illumination, neutral frontal face .Non static conditions include position, partial occlusion orientation; varying lighting conditions and facial hair which makes recognition process a complex problem. All these factors influence face recognition process. The main stages for face recognition include face detection, feature representation and classifications. Researchers have described distinct approaches for face recognition. This work presents a survey of face recognition techniques, methods used by them,their performance & their limitations. Keywords- Facial Expression Recognition, Gabor Filter, Principal Component Analysis, Neural Network, Eigen face