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The Attraction of Mobile Facial Art in Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology applied in the mobile application in recent `years. It can effectively enhance users’ interaction toward content, add a virtual object in the real space, and combine the recognition technology of the camera with the computer program. Due to the convenience use of the mobile phone, the facial augmented reality applied to the mobile camera applications. The aim of the study is to explore the attractive factors of facial augmented reality app to help designers effectively improve users’ satisfaction. Applying Evaluation Grid Method, Kano quality model to evaluate 4 facial augmented reality apps : B612、LINE CAMERA、MSQRD and Beauty Show-show. First, deep interview 6 high-involved experts to obtain the EGM of facial augmented reality app. Based on the factors from EGM , Kano questionnaire and analysis were adopted to extract the quality attribution of the factors. Conclude the attractive quality factors of facial augmented reality app are "Interface intuition use", " Facial organs Modify ", “Live effect” and “Effect Fine Tuning “ Improve the attractive factors could enhance users’ satisfaction and preference. Keywords - Facial Augmented Reality, Evaluation Grid Method, Attractive Factors, Kano Model