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W.O.M.A.N. 1.0: Women Operating Mechanism for Automating the Nation

In this fast-moving scientific world, technology is becoming a massive part of the day to day lifestyles. A large number of industries and communities are dependent on the various forms of technology, and its use doesn’t end there. Today the quality of lifestyle is measured by how many gadget’s one owns ranging from mobile phones for communication, EVM’s for voting, refrigerators for storing food, etc. Scientists are working day in and day out to make people more technologically advanced, but one part of society, that has been most neglected are rural women. Rural women in India are glued to their household responsibilities and customs leaving no room for the exploration of the world due to lack of education, lack of economic resources and non-supportive family members. Through this research, out of the three, two of the factors will be dealt by proposing a model for a multi-purpose device called W.O.M.A.N. 1.0 which stands for Women Operating Mechanism for Automating the Nation. As evident, the best way to spread a message in this era is through the means of technology. It is essential for rural women to have access to the right technology which will make them self-reliant and self-guided i.e., to make this technology as affordable as possible for their use and this can be achieved through recyclable technology. Recycling household waste materials like plastic, metal etc., can be used to build the parts of a device which is more affordable, but very concise to its use. The cost factor can be reduced further by proposing a scheme to the Government to give away the device at meager cost and obtain the cost of the device over a large period of time without any interest rate. Also, developing the right software for such technology is a crucial part of implementing this change in the society, as rural women lack the basic skills required to work with such a device. Hence, the device should consist of an operating system fairly simple to use and understand. With only the most necessary features of communication, educational training, health services and safety services, the operating system of this device will be designed in a concise manner. The overall aim of W.O.M.A.N is to ensure maximum technological advancements to rural women using minimum technology build up and cost-effectiveness. Keywords - Affordable Technology, Arduino, Hardware Assembly, Operating System, Recycling Technology, Rural Women