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Image Retrieval for Capturing User Intention using One Click

Web search engines are been used in large scale for image retrieval. Largely used web-search engines (like Google, Bing, etc) mostly rely various based image search. User enters a query in this search engines and gets images as result. This provides us with random and noisy results as outcome. This search does not provide user’s intent result. User has to go through all the obtained images and select the required image suitable to user’s intent. This increases complexities of users. To overcome these complexities many of the different image techniques are researched. In this paper, we present a novel internet image search approach. This paper contains various image retrieval techniques that may prove profitable for capturing user’s intension. Some techniques are textual- based, some are color-based, and some are shape-based, while some may be combination of above. Some techniques search images offline, while some searches online. But the intension of all the techniques is to capture user’s intention. In the further context, we discussed various techniques of image search for effective image retrieval technique. Keywords - Query Image, Search Engines, Image Retrieval, Algorithms, Re-Ranking, User Intention, Image Search