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Protecting Crops From Damage Caused by Animals/Birds in Farm Land

Agriculture is an important field for cultivation of crops / grains, as food is the need of human being the cultivation of food in agriculture land should be protected from any damage being caused to the growth of plants / grains. A system is to be developed which will protect the farm field from animals / birds which enter the farm field to destroy the crops which are ready to yield. For this a fence to be implemented around the agriculture land and this fence should be supplied by solar energy call it solar fence, so that whenever an animal touches the field should receive a short pulse which will be not harmful for them it is to threaten them to stay away from field and an ultrasonic bird repel which transmit ultrasonic wave so that birds do not enter the field and destroy grains. For watering plants / crops an automatic water supply system to be used which will perform operation by sensing the moisture level of the soil to water plants / crops. By developing such system it will be helpful for farmers, from manual monitoring it will help to system level monitoring and inform farmer about the system operations in farm land through GSM. Keywords - Solar Fence, Ultrasonic Bird Repel, Moisture, GSMI.