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Detection of Pneumonia in Chest X-Ray using Deep Learningq

Pneumonia is a type of infection which is usually caused by viruses or bacteria in Lungs. It is basically an inflammatory condition of lungs which primarily affects small air sacs inside the lung. Physicians and doctors use chest X-rays and different types of tests to diagnose if a person is suffering from the disease. We have proposed a system which will help doctors and physicians to check if the person is suffering from Pneumonia by using chest X-ray as an input.We have implemented our system by using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) which is a class of Deep Learning Network used for image related tasks. We predicted the accuracy of our model on the test dataset consisting of 624 chest x-ray images. The model provided an accuracy of 90.23%. Keywords - Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), Pneumonia, Deep Learning, Computer Vision