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Low Loss Plasmonic Filter, Switch and Its Design Characteristics

We have designed a plasmonic Metal dielectric metal-based filter in a ring resonator design which have shown tunability of 230nm on application of voltage between its two peaks. The device has shown its application as switch and it works on elasto-optic effect.We have obtained a moderate modulation depth of 9.87dB in near infrared range at λ=1.38 μm and 5.545 dB at λ=1.54 μm near telecommunication wavelength. The device loss of 0.22 dB is observed at maximum state of power propagation which is very low. The radius of ring is 440 nm which is very small. This device can also be used as a filter in this range, because this is passing some wavelengths and rejecting other wavelengths to reach the output. The device is also showing its application as a switch at these two telecommunication windows Keywords - Filter, Modulator,Plasmonics, Switch, Telecommunication wavelength