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Construction Of Weighing Matrices And Hadamard Matrices

Recently weighing matrices have been found much beneficial to engineers working with satellite and digital communications. They have been found to have many similarities with perfect ternary arrays. These arrays have been frequently implemented in digital communications. Complex Hadamard matrices have applications in quantum information theory and quantum tomography. The purpose of this paper is to forward simple constructions for some of these matrices so that they can be used by engineers. This paper introduces a new generalization of matrix orthogonality. It has been shown that several classical as well as Hadamard matrices with circulant blocks can be obtained from generalized orthogonal matrices. The order of new complex H-matrices are 26,36, 50 and 82. Butson H-matrices are constructed from generalized orthogonal matrices. Keywords- H-matrices = Hadamard matrices, C-Matrix = Conference matrix