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Vault Chain: Encrypted Vault using Blockchain

The usage of data sharing applications has been increasing dramatically. With the use of the Internet there lies a growing concern about information security and surveillance. Moreover, these systems require third-party intervention. These third parties collect and control the data, resulting in potential security breaches. Some of these issues can be partially addressed by Blockchain Technology. Blockchainisapeer-to-peerdistributedtechnologycontainingacontinuouslygrowinglistofrecords called Blocks. Data is shared among peers in away that each peer has an exact same copy of data that is available on the Blockchain. We going to use Ethereum Technology because is far more robust than Bitcoin. We purpose a system that uses Blockchain technology to protecting the private data. Our main aim to design website where users can store their confidential files into the system where the backend is powered by BlockChain Technology keeping their files truly safely. Keywords - Vault, Blockchain, Ethereum, Peer-to-Peer, Distributed Technology