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AI based Driver Frazzle Detection System Visually

Many studies have shown that large number of traffic accidents occur ubiquitously and are interconnected to insufficient sleep of drivers. A sleep is necessary for all living soul to survive, basically one third of our lifetime is sleeping. The prolonged effects of sleep deprivation are evident. It exhausts our mental abilities and puts our physique at real risk. This paper proposes a machine learning approach for detecting the drowsiess, faintness and frazzle of drivers while driving. The Haar Cascade methods are used for face and eye detection. The system captures drivers eye features like blinking, states of eyes etc alltogether the system moniters facial gestures.Itisimplemented with Haarcasacade detection algorithm .Proposing a detection system with audio message which warns the driver about the fatigue . The system mainly deals with visual infor- mation of the driver. The face, eyes detection is done by haarcascade classifiers and also marks the blink frequency in each open and closed eye state.The eye aspect ratio is obtained each time and compared with threshold values and fatigue judgement provided by warning signal continously till the driver is awake stateandavoidaccidentsthusincreasethetransportationsafety. Keywords - Frazzle, Machine learning, Blinking, HaarCas-cade, Classifier