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Adoption of AI Based Chatbot for College Administration System

In the era of modernization and advancements in technologies where you can get any information on the internet, the communication should also be much efficient on few important and time sensitive topics. There are many different ways of interactions namely, human to human, machine to machine, human to machine interactions. On of the major form of human to machine interaction is through a chatbot. In this project a development of a chatbot is built which can understand user intention to some extent and responds based on the understood intentions. The chatbot is built with the help of Node.js programming and user the service of Microsoft API’s and qnamaker by Azure. It is deployed using the Azure Bot services and Azure Bot Framework which helps the bot to utilize few services from Azure and also helps for future enhancements. In this context the present work aims at responding to the queries and doubts of the users visiting the Vidhyavardhaka College of Engineering without delay and understanding the different phrasing of the questions and answering to the question. Keywords - Qnamaker, Node.js, NLP, AI, ML