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Edge of Agile Frameworks in Software Build out and Detailed Overview of Scrum Framework with Juxtaposition of Agile Frameworks

As the information technology industry has exceedingly broaden, the need of project management is also growing. Project management insures that the appropriate expectations are work out around. Irrespective of the industry, project management has proven to be very decisive aspect for success of an organization. Broadly the approach of project management can be divided into two categories – traditional waterfall and agile. In the traditional waterfall approach, the development approach of the product is sequential. The cornerstone of the agile is iterative and incremental development of the product. In current time the development cycle of the product has become very abridge and the concept of agile works well to this situation. Agile fits well in the areas where the requirements from the stakeholders change frequently. Agile can be implemented using various frameworks like Scrum, FDD (Feature-Driven Development), Crystal. etc. The objective of this paper is to impart enough information to end users to compare and choose the appropriate framework for the nature of their product / system over which they are working. Keywords - Project Management, Agile, Scrum, FDD, Crystal, Product Owner