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A Comprehensive Study of Agile Project Management with Scrum & Jira Tool of Scrum Framework

Project management is a methodology which can be used provide a clear vision of the roadmap of the product developed by squad members. Project management is very climacteric factor for the management of the product which is being developed. The approach of project management can be categorized into traditional waterfall and agile. Traditional waterfall approach focuses on the development of the project in sequential manner. Looking at the current outline of fast changing environment of the industry, the traditional waterfall model cannot fit well to this situation. Current development of the product may demand the iterative approach. This is well suited for agile. Due to the flexibility offered by agile to accommodate changes in the product, it relishes the immense acclaim in sectors where the requirements from the clients are continuously changing. Agile project management uses various frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, XP (Extreme Programming), FDD (Feature Driven Development), Lean etc. To implements the principles of agile framework, different tools can be used like Jira, QuickScrum Pivotal Tracker, etc. The main objective of the paper is two-fold. First, it imparts the detailed overview of agile methodology and scrum framework of it. After that, the paper goes on detailed overview of scrum tool JIRA. The targeted audience is professionals who are working in scrum framework of agile. This paper aims to enable the users with enough information of the JIRA tool of agile scrum. Keywords - Agile, Scrum, Jira, Traditional Waterfall