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Increasing Security in Mongo DB by using Percona Server

Abstract - MongoDB is a non-relational database that is usually used for many types of organizations such as business, government, and many more. However, every system will always have flaws inside which is usually known as its weakness. One of the weaknesses that existed inside MongoDB is related to the security inside the database such as the encryption. MongoDB does not have any encryption which means that the database inside will not be secure. Every database should be able to encrypt the data inside for the purpose of security. If not, attacks like data breach will reach the database and all data will be leaked. With this research paper that aims to increase the security in MongoDB by using Percona Server, it is certain that security inside the database could be implemented for further use inside the MongoDB database. Keywords - Security, Network Security, MongoDB, NoSQL, Encryption, Database, Collections, Documents, Non-Relational Database, Percona Server