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Security System using Image Processing

Abstract - Today, many sectors are facing major security problems, so they need peoples as a security guards to achieve security. People, as a human being, make many errors like missing a target, and people have limited energy (they are not able to monitor your environment continuously). For these reasons, it can affect the level of security. The Image processing that comes under the area of machine learning and categorized in Artificial intelligence, are the procedures followed by world to obtain facial detection and facial recognition also. The face recognition system can detect a person in the security prone areas and help in reducing men efforts. Upon entering in a highly secured area, a set of snapshots are captured by the camera sensor that analysed also compare with existing image in the data set of an authorized person. The main motivation towards image processing is that in future identification and verification is going to be manage by this system for better accuracy and transparency of security issues. We are building this project to provide access to authorized users in security areas. Keywords - Image processing, Face Detection, Face Recognition, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence.