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Mitigating The Impact of a Change Request Risks for Large Software Development

Abstract - As usually in every software project have to deal with change. Being able to effectively control and handle the proposed changes is crucial for allowing continued development of a software project to occur. To mitigate and control the change, developers must assess the risks related in doing the change. To understand the risk, the project manager must identify where the change will effect and the impact of the change entire the project. As usual, each change has its own risk, in smaller project will have fewer and manageable risk, but, larger project has higher level of risks. However, it can inundate yourself with too many changes request if you don’t take a focused approach that you can handle the risk. Some project managers are extremely slow moving, analytical types of project in which all requirements must be collected and assessed. On the other hand, some recent surveys reported that the project success rate has slightly better and increased over the last decade. This success is the outcome of describing a process and use of some available tools like requirements management tools. But, these tools are not mostly enough to handle and control the risks involve with the proposed change. Therefore, this paper focuses more on the factors that have high impact with the assessment and evaluation of the risks involve to the requested change. Keywords - Risks involve Software Changes, Software Change Requirements, Risk Management.