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Automated Static Malware Analysis using Machine Learning

Abstract - Malware analysis has always been one of the crucial and tedious tasks in the field of cyber security to prevent any abnormality in cyberspace. In the world of the internet with an increase in the number of internet users every day, data is being transferred from place to place in the form of file or packets, malwares have also transformed in a lot of categories. Researchers have come up with various techniques to deal with malwares and alotoftoolshavebeendevelopedforthetask.Throughthispaperwewillgothroughafundamentalstudyofmalwareanalysisanddiscussdevelopinganautomatedstaticmalware analysis tool using machine learning. A tool to detect and analyse different types of malwares using efficient machine learning algorithms. Keywords - Malware Detection, Machine Learning, Python, Static Analysis, Deep Learning, Random Forest Classifier.