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Secured and Optimized Query Processing in Cloud Environment

Abstract - Cloud computing is trusted and widely used by millions of users around the world. Therefore, it becomes essential to offer trusted and efficient services to its users. Query processing and query optimization are the major components to provide optimal query plans to the users through different steps. Though there are many techniques in literature to process the queries and to provide optimized query plans, there is no study to present a clear understanding of these techniques to the researchers. Keeping this in mind, this paper reviews the available query processing and query optimization techniques in literature covering almost all the state-of-the-arts. Initially, the query processing strategies in the cloud are reviewed in detail and quantitative analysis has been done for the reviewed techniques. Then the major query optimization strategies were reviewed based on the deterministic and non-deterministic query optimization techniques. Finally, research gaps and future research directions are presented to develop researchers in this field. Keywords - Cloud Computing, Query Processing, Query Optimization, Query Plan, Deterministic Query Optimization, Non-Deterministic Query Optimization