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Analyzing Different Software Project Management Tools and Proposing A New Project Management Tool Using Process Re-Engineering on Open-Source and SAAS Platforms for A Developing Country Like Bangladesh

Abstract - This paper analyzes and evaluates different software project management tools that help the team to plan, manage, optimize resources, and monitor the project progress. The ICT industry in Bangladesh has immense prospects in driving the country’s economy, and it has grown by 28%-40% annually since 2010 each year. But though we have huge benefits over low development costs, clients of the developed country are not very satisfied with the quality of the software. So in this paper, we are proposing an open source-based project management tool that will serve small to medium-sized software firms at no cost. The software firms will maintain the software engineering best practices by using the software. As “openness” becomes one of society’s hallmarks in the 21st century and extends into innovation, research, and standards-setting, an open-source system has become an integral part of the business. Because of the speed and the scale at which it has happened, open-source is central to strategy today. But we do not have any cloud access in an Open-source system. For that reason, in this paper, we also have tried to propose the same tool with more options in the Software as a Service (SaaS) environment. Keywords - Project Management Tool, Process Reengineering, Open-source, Software as a Service.