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Investigating the Efficacy of Chatgpt As A Research Tool: A Comparative Analysis

This paper presents an in-depth analysis of Chat-GPT, a highly advanced chatbot that leverages OpenAI’s Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) language model to generate human-like text within seconds. The study explores ChatGPT’s unique features, such as its ability to understand natural language input, summarize vast amounts of text, and generate new content from given prompts. This paper also examines the applicability of ChatGPT in academic research, citing its potential to quickly summarize extensive literature for literature reviews and data analysis. However, ChatGPT’s effectiveness is constrained by the data it was trained on, which can lead to the propagation of biases and inaccuracies. The ethical implications associated with the use of ChatGPT and its limitations, providing a comprehensive overview of its capabilities and potential use in academic research are also discussed. Additionally, this paper presents a comparative analysis of ChatGPT and other tools commonly used by the research community, providing useful insights into its benefits and limitations and contextualizing its role in the broader landscape of research tools. Keyword - OpenAI, ChatGPT, Natural Language Process-ing (NLP), AI Text Generation, Ethics, Academic Research, Research Tools