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Proposed Model For An Integrated Management Information System In Inter-State Road Transport Booking Process

Technology and modern science has brought the current world into the digital time and this has greatly improved the efficiency as well as simplicity of our daily activities. In the field of transportation informatics for instance, lots of technology devices have been developed by various researchers and scientist to assuage the problem of passenger information management. However, most of our transportation system are not as such effective and still suffers inefficiency as passengers in our terminals still need to queue up in this technology age when trying to purchase travelling tickets from transport operator, thereby resulting to time wastage. Additionally, some services like chartered services, holiday trip services and courier services are not included in the existing research works. Hence, booking and reservation model that will comprise the aforementioned left out services will bring great ease and simplicity to the society. This research is aimed at developing booking and reservation model (IPMIS) using hybrid approach that will comprise the aforementioned services. Dijkstra algorithm and Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) technique will be integrated together to develop the model after which it will be implemented on mobile cross platform of Android, iOS and Windows. Keywords- Android, Booking, Dijkstra Algorithm, DRT, iOS, IPMIS, Reservation, Transportation, Windows.