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Regularized Multichannel Blind Deconvolution Using Alternating Minimization

-Regularized Blind Deconvolution is a problem applied to degraded images in or-der to bring the original image out of blur. Multichannel blind Deconvolution considered as an optimization problem. Each step in the optimization is variable splitting problem using algorithm Alternating Minimization Algorithm. Each Step in the Variable splitting undergoes with Augmented Lagrangian method (ALM) /Bregman Iterative method. Regularisation is a problem where an ill posed sensors, investigation using pho-tographs etc. Here we are doing analysis using blurred image and synthesis using original im- age where adding disk blur in to the image and comparing the PSNR. Keywords -Bregman Iterative method, Al-ternating Minimization Algorithm, Isotropic TV model lp norm, Isotropic TV model l2 norm,Peaksignal to noise ratio,(PSNR),Mean Square Er-ror(MSE)