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GRAPHENE – The New Upcoming Trend In Technological Wave

With the aim of achieving technological advances, our work focuses on the development and applications of low resistance carbon nanotube called GRAPHENE. It is one atom thick material with outstanding properties that make it an excellent candidate for advance application in future electronics. Being thinnest, flexible and unbreakable across the world, this wonder material is all set to revolutionize the smartphones and the tablet industries by replacing current touchscreen technology and enhancing their battery life. Its amazing properties as the lightest and the strongest material compared with its ability to conduct heat and electricity better than anything else, it can be integrated into a huge number of applications i.e in designing processors, databases and in 3D printing. It has very good sensing ability by which it has wide spread applications in bio medical fields like detection of cancer , HIV and in telecommunication by sensing signals. This paper describes the progress of this technology from the moment of its discovery to its future scope. Keywords- Technology, Work Focuses, Flexible, Unbreakable.