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A Unified Botnet Detection Framework

Presently, Internet is used all over the world for different purposes and people take advantage of it in almost all possible ways. But at the same time there are large number of attackers and hackers which can harm the user and his/her information that is transmitting through the internet. One of the major internet security threats is Botnet. In order to handle these types of internet security threats, different techniques and tools have been developed. Botnet is the association of large number of compromised computer systems called Bots that work collective in order to perform the malicious purpose. The malicious activities supported by Botnet are Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) attacks, Spamming of emails, Phishing and creating the illegal computer systems to cause exchange of harmful material. The Botnet differentiates itself from other malicious softwares by having the ability to work under its originator called Botmaster or BotHeader that uses the Command and Control(C&C) Server to forward its commands to the Bots. In this paper, we have given the general idea about how Botnet performs the malicious activities and various techniques that are used for the revelation of the Botnet. Later, we propose a Unified framework for detecting the Botnet that helps in securing the network traffic, exchanging over the internet. Keywords—Botnet, Bot-master, C&C server, DDoS attacks, Honeypots, IRC-based botnet.