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Image Steganography Based Information Security System

In today’s data communication environments, information security is an important issue in data storage and transmission. Due to the security attacks that made on data communication, effective data hiding systems are needed to develop for information security. Steganography and cryptography are both ways to protect information security and concealing it. Thus, to solve the serious problem of security requirements, this work proposes information security system by using the integration of cryptography and image steganography. The purpose of this system is to enhance the security of hidden message by improving the security of cover image. To create the encrypted cover image, the combination of image transformation and encryption technique is effectively used. Firstly, the original image is transformed with optimized block- based transformation algorithm to obtain better robustness of image encryption. And then, the transformed image is encrypted by using Blowfish encryption algorithm. After getting the encrypted image, the secret message is hidden within this image which is used as a cover by using LSB embedding technique for information security. Moreover, to prove the advantages of combination process (optimized transformation and Blowfish encryption), performance comparison is made by calculating the correlation and entropy of encrypted images generated by combination process and single Blowfish encryption. Index Terms- Cryptography, Steganography, Transformation, Blowfish, Correlation, Entropy