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Active power loss minimization in radial distribution System using network reconfiguration in the presence of distributed generation

This paper presents a new approach has been proposed to solve network reconfiguration in the presence of distributed generation (DG) in distribution system with an objective of minimization real power loss and improving voltage profile of the consumers connected to radial distribution network. The utilization of Distributed Generation (DG) sources in Distribution Power system is indeed vital as it is capable of solving problems especially pertaining to power losses due to an increasing demand for electrical energy. In order to reduce unnecessary power losses, in this paper proposes a Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA) was used as the solving tool, which referring two determined aim; the problem of network reconfiguration, and calculate the size of DG. Sensitivity analysis for identifying the optimal locations of distribution generation units, which in turn reduces the real power loss and improves the voltage profile in the distribution systems. The proposed method was examined on distribution network consisting of 33- bus radial distribution systems at different load levels to verify efficacy of the proposed method, the result shows that the proposed method is fast and effective. Keywords: Power loss, Distributed Generation, reconfiguration, Harmony Search Algorithm, Sensitivity Analysis, complex combinatorial.