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Energy Efficient Hole Detection And On-Demand Based Cluster Head Healing In Wireless Sensor Networks

The aim of this paper is to reduce the energy consumption of the wireless sensor network by making effective hole detection and hole healing. The ad-hoc On-Demand Distance vector(AODV) Routing protocol is used to provide the energy efficient path for the date forwarding. Whenever the hole is detected, temporary node from the base station is sent towards the hole to reduce the packet loss. The clustering concept is implemented to avoid many number of nodes movement. The healing takes place by the neighbouring cluster head movement. Thus the proposed model uses Least-Disruptive topology Repair (LeDiR) Algorithm that provides better Qo’S of the network. The Comparision graphs for the energy consumption. Average end-to-end delay and Packet delivery rate are plotted. The Throughput of the system is made higher with using lower energy and packet loss. Index Terms—WSN,AODV,Qo’SHole Detection,Hole Healing, Cluster Head.