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Translation Of Related Language Pair Telugu-Marathi Using Apertium Open Source Machine Translation

This paper discuss about Apertium Platform, which is an open source shallow transfer machine translation system, which was initially designed for translation between related language pair . India is one of the country where various of natural languages are been spoken, hence our research contribution mainly focuses on one of the language pair which are mainly spoken in three different states of India in which the grammatical arrangement for this language pair has same format i.e. SOV. Telugu and Marathi is a language pair which we will be discussing in this paper. Telugu is spoken in two states i.e. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana where as Marathi is spoken in Maharashtra. NLP is used to make the computers to understand human natural languages. Based on the concept of machine translation our research paper is built on a language pair translation between Dravidian languages for long term use on Apertium. Keywords—Apertium, Machine Translation, NLP, Natural Language