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Reed-Solomon And Convolutional Codes On Modulation Schemes For Power Line Communication (PLC)

he relevance of the power line network in the transmission of broadband data for several applicatons have been identified in the smart technology. Its choice is own to is ubiquitos nature. This channel, power line, poses a huge impediment to the signal transmitted through it because its nature was not intended for broadband data. Hence the channel is characterized by multipaths and impulsive noise, which are dependent on the length and branches of the cable and the load at the far end of the line. In this paper, forward error codes is used to compensate for the noise and the multipath property of the line. Reed-Solomon and convolutional codes are used at different modulation schemes and different code rates respectively. Two channel scenarios of bad and good 150m length cable at two impulsive noise situations were considered. For all the modulation schemes/code rates considered, improvements in performance in terms of BER was achieved, terminating errors at lower SNR’s. Smaller constellation sized modultion schemes were seen to offer better performance than higher order constellation sizes. Keywords: Power line,Reed-Solomon, convolutional code, impulsive noise, multipath, attenuation.