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Design And Development Of Complete System Of A Pull Based Replenishment Model Warehouse For Aftermarket Retail Business

Abstract-Retail business in Aftermarket segment is a major revenue generator in most of the auto components manufacturers and OEM’s (Overall Equipment Manufacturers) that also is a significant bottom-line contributor of a business. This Aftermarket business model works with highly diversified and vast number of retailers, distributors and different type of customers across the entire span of a country. The huge success of this business model depends greatly on the capability of the manufacturer to fulfill the customer demand in terms on Quality, Quantity and Price and at the same time with minimum order fulfillment lead time. Hence it is mandatory for the manufacturer to possess an appropriate facility that consolidates, stores & retrieves the finished goods on demand from the customer. The facility often will refer to a warehouse (SUPERMARKET) that stocks the finished products as inventories and a PULL based replenishment model is nowadays a mandatory in-built requirement in it. This work is based on an extensive study on the basic & fundamental LEAN principles that will guide upon the design of the warehouse in various aspects like, Parts categorization, Stocking policy, Order fulfillment process, Storage, Layout & Material Handling, Replenishment process, M aterial & Information flow etc,. A real time case study on design and development of all the above has also been discussed.