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Hand Written Character Recognition Using Neural Network

Abstract: Handwritten character recognition is a very trending technology and has various applications in the fields such as bank fraudulent, number plate recognition, helping out handicapped people and other various other uses. In this paper we will be describing about character recognition with the use of neural network. Lucratively, the basics steps to recognise the characters will be starting with image acquisition which will include the removal of noise, smoothening, normalization of the image scanned, binarization of the image followed by feature extraction of each character followed by creating a multilayer neural network and training it with the sample data segmented in the feature extraction and finally, the data to be tested is run with the neural network using the back-propagation algorithm and the learning process to compare it with the features of the sample data and hence we will get a proper recognised character. Keywords: Image processing, character recognition, binarization, edge detection, feature extraction, neural network, backpropagation algorithm.