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Image Processing Using Exemplar-Based Technique For Inpainting

Image processing is the collection of ways and techniques to formation of an image as per requirement. It consists of various techniques to load, process, store and compares the images. It gives various scientific proofs to compare the changes in the results. In this paper, we are going to discuss the inpainting and super-resolution method. The basic idea behind the inpainting is repainting the damaged, faded or obliterated sections of an image. Inpainting is nothing but the art of image reconstruction while, doing this two properties of the image have to maintain that are structure and texture property of the image. Existing super-resolution algorithm can be broadly categorized into three classes: reconstruction-based, interpolation-based, and example-based approaches. Here in this paper we are going to study only one method which is exemplar-based technique in comparison of other methods. While doing large image inpainting it needs more time and also complex than less dimension image so in this method before doing inpainting for the input region image get converted into the low resolution image then repainting is applied on the image after that to get fine details and better resolution it is reconverted in super-resolution. Index Terms—Exemplar-Based, Inpainting, Low-Resolution, Super-Resolution.