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Intelligent Accident Avoidance System

Road accident is the most unwanted thing to happen to a road user, though they happen quite often. The most unfortunate thing is that the road users do not learn from their mistakes on the road. Most of them are quite well aware of the traffic rules and safety measures while using the road. Main causes for the road accidents are over speeding, drunken driving, distractions to the driver, red light jumping, avoiding safety gears like seat belts and helmets and overtaking in a wrong manner etc. Various international and national researchers have found these as the common behavior of the road drivers which leads to the accidents. In order to overcome these road accidents, an intelligent idea is proposed. This idea deals with the use of artificial monopoles fitted externally to the vehicles so that the vehicle stops due to repulsion of the magnets. Usually magnets are dipoles which have the combination of both North Pole and a South Pole. But one exceptional case is the monopole; a magnetic monopole is a hypothetical particle in particle physics with only one magnetic pole. It has either a north pole without a south pole or a south pole without a north pole. Monopoles remain undetected until now but however several theories predict the existence of monopoles. A team of researchers from cologne university have managed to create artificial monopoles. Artificial monopoles possess similar characterstics to that of a monopole. Here, the link between monopole and the vehicle is explained. Artificial monopoles are fitted externally i.e front, rear and side in the vehicle. A force of repulsion is said to occur when the vehicles come close by. This force of repulsion plays a major role here. It causes the vehicle to stop immediately and automatically without waiting for the driver to apply the brake. The force of repulsion and the solutions to the problems caused by this method will also be discussed in the paper. Moreover, ‘overtaking’ is the major cause for the accidents to occur. Overtaking can be prevented by mounting a LIDAR sensor in combination with an alarm. This combination of LIDAR with an alarm will be highlighted in the paper. This paper clearly explains the application of the magnetic monopoles in the vehicles to prevent road accidents.