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Emerging Neurosky Mind-Wave Bci System To Perceive Drowsiness

Drowsiness is becoming a stern dispute in case of traffic accident. Along with physical activities such as eye blink, yawning, gripping of the human, people will mentally sleep with eyes open for few seconds. This will be accountable for severe accidents. The main objective of this research is 1) introducing a brain wave sensor which would be at ease in operational conditions to record EEG signals 2) providing self-controlled operation of vehicle once the alert is received. The emerging brain wave sensor consists of a single electrode which is to be placed at FP1 and it delivers real-time assessment of brain wave signals consistent with changes in neuron pattern of the brain. The received signals are further acquaint with BCI system. The system compares the received and predefined vigilance level and gives the alert accordingly. This can protect loads of lives in road transportation. Index Terms- EEG, Drowsiness, Mindwave mobile, Alpha, Beta, eSense meter, TGAM, TGAT, RT.