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Alternate And Energy Efficient Path Finding Against Selfish Node Attack In Homogenous WSN

Wireless sensor network comprises of large number of homogeneous nodes with a common sensor node. Each node in the network broadcasts information that can be received by a node which is present within its transmission range. Though there exists numerous problems in a wireless network, existence of selfish nodes has become a common problem. Selfish nodes are those nodes that tries to utilize the network resources for its own profit but does not spend its own for other nodes in the network. In general communication between the source and the destination node takes place in a multiple hop manner where each node relays data packet to the other node. Thus communication gets highly disturbed if there is a selfish node in the network which leads to the disruption of the entire network function. Inorder to overcome the severe impacts of selfish node we have proposed an alternate and efficient path finding algorithm that uses associativity based routing protocol.