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Smart Agriculture: An Amalgamation Of Machine-To-Machine Technology Into Agriculture Sector

The transmission and reception of information through internet protocols has given rise to Machine-to-Machine technology (M2M) which is defined as the communication between machines through carriers such as SMS, GPRS and Internet Protocols (IP), but internet protocols are the most preferred because it serves the purpose of intra and internetworking, over a large coverage area. In this paper we propose the introduction of this technology in the agriculture sector. The user will get the hosted services from the internet where they can manage and process data at its end service rather than the local server. Peer-to- peer networking would be the lead end-connecting user end, cloud data and Zigbee networking. Zigbee end is there as an inter-networking between the embedded sensors which creates its own web through GSM modules along with gateways which interface with the user. Gateways are filters which combines Zigbee interface based on IP communication through GSM and cloud computing. The range of Machine-to-Machine technology is from 0.1 to 30 km; throughput is 1- 30 kbps and mobility 0-60km.Finally, the paper recapitulates the futuristic technology and concludes with future prospects. Keywords - M2M, Gateways, Zigbee, Peer-to-peer, Cloud, Embedded Technology, Internet Protocols.