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The Cloud-Based Virtual Electronic Fences Proactive Tracking System

Because early symptoms of dementia are often ignored, the most worrying part is elders easily get lost due to their wandering behavior. Most of related devices only periodically update locations through the system server. When a relative or friend sends a tracking request, the system will only reply with updates on the position of the time of the last tracked end. We use GPS, 3G positioning signals, and base station information to calculate the position of elders. On the other hand, we use the virtual electronic fences technology to sure the elders leave the safe range or not. When elders at the time point of departure abnormal set range, the system will initiatively notify the family. We implement a cloud platform-based active notification tracking system to reduce the risk of elderly getting lost. Index Terms—Dementia Care, Proactive Notification, Tracking System, Virtual Electronic Fences, Cloud-Based.