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Self Embedding Watermarking Scheme Using DCT

Digital watermarking techniques are widely used to handle applications like Copy Protection, content authentication of digital images. The self-embedding scheme is generally used for authentication and tamper detection. In this paper we proposed self-embedding Watermarking schemes based on a reference sharing mechanism, in that the watermark which we are embedding is a reference derived from the original principal content in different blocks and shared by these blocks for content restoration. After detecting tampered blocks, the reference data and the original content in the reserved area which is used to retrieve the principal content in the tampered area. We have used DCT for reference data generation so that the time required for embedding and extraction of the algorithm is reduced also the quality of image restoration is increased as compared with previous algorithms. This scheme is capable of restoring the watermarked image even if the tampered area is less than 66%. Keywords— Self embedding, Fragile Watermarking, Image Authentication.