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Design And Analysis Of Location Aided Routing Protocol For Single Source Multipoint Destination In MANET

Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is a dynamic decentralized network consisting of randomly moving wireless Mobile Nodes (MNs) that collectively perform the task of route discovery. All the nodes are mobile and all the links in an ad hoc network are wireless. Shortest path finding has been major issue used in many of the existing routing protocols for MANET. LAR Routing Protocol uses location information to diminish routing overhead of the mobile ad-hoc network. Normally the LAR protocol makes use of the GPS to get this location information. It relies on a flooding based route discovery procedure which results in a huge amount of routing overhead. Proactive routing protocols with global location information are needed considering the transmission delay, packet delivery fraction and routing accuracy for MANETs with high-speed mobile nodes. In this paper, we implement the proposed algorithm with requisite scenario in which we have to evaluate or focus over multi destination area using LAR. This approach is beneficial in reducing the search area and limits flooding as well as increases the throughput. Existing systems work on the idea of single source and single destination system but our focus is mainly on developing a system having single source and multipoint destination. This makes a significant impact on the throughput as well as end to end delay. Keywords- Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector, Expected Zone, Location Services, Request Zone.