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Text To User Manipulative Scene A Human Computation Approach

This review paper focuses on a research in which the main idea is to convert a line of text into a user manipulative scene. But the research to use as less space as possible and take google images to form a particular scene. The images should come unambiguous, noiseless and in a wide variety in accordance with the text that we type. This project shall determine how human computation can be used to further improvise this text to scene system and how can we make this an interactive system by transforming it into a so-called comparing game. This project covers different acute areas of natural language processing, the concept of ontologies, developing 3D models etc. This project can have either of the two approaches- Natural language Processing approach or Human Computation approach. This review paper will cover the basic concept of text to scene and the problem statement, the progressive steps taken in the project by far, the future planning done and the literatures cited. Keywords—User Manipulative, Ontologies, Unambiguous.