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Online Real Time PUC And Engine Parameter Monitoring In Vehicle Using Wireless Sensor Modem

PUC System i.e. Pollution under Control System is intended to check emission from in-use vehicles. This paper realizes a novel control strategy for the fuel consumption reduction CO2 and engine cooling system. Every day, millions of tons of are released into the atmosphere because of this type of human activity. In air pollution processing, however, differences among monitoring systems and data availability are an important limitation in environmental management. In our system, we would be using a sensor to detect the amount of CO2 emitted by the vehicle and temp. Of engine can be monitored. The value can be displayed in LCD. By using GSM technology, the value can directly send to mobile. After that, by using GPRS, the value directly send to the web portal, In that case, online database can maintained and by using web technology, one alert SMS can be send to the customer, so that those people having PUC Expiry date is near and kindly checked or renew it as early as possible result is that it can checked PUC regularly. The application of PUC detection system is to detect and regulate emission using communication technology like GSM. In vehicle, temp. Of engine can be cooled by implementing the automatic controlling fan for cooling purposes. Reading can show the online graph for CO2 and temperature of engine. Keywords— Air Pollution, CO2 Sensor, Exhaust emission. Engine Cooling, MATLAB, PUC test, Temperature Sensor.